Friday, April 7, 2017

Getting Off The Grid - Solar Power And Spoiled By Electric

Yes I know, I really do. You are tired of hearing about the solar power and frankly, I am tired of talking about it, So I did my homework, for years, and I bought a book to learn about how this solar power works and to get better advice about using solar power or even if I wanted to go down that expensive road.

As I mentioned before I took the leap and spent money. I bought solar power motion detector lights  because its something I have needed around here for a while. I finally got them in the mail this week and this weekend I will see if I can get them mounted and tried out.

I have always wanted to live free but the more I do without the more I mess the luxury that I have been accustomed to. Little by little I have been doing without a few things, One of those things I have not used in months is the electric can opener. I have several hand openers and I really had gotten lazy and my hands had gotten weak but since I went back to the hand opener I can say my hand is improving and is stronger.

Another thing I have been using more is the hand mixer, yes its a little work but its powerful! I have had this mixer for well over 20 years and I got it second hand so I have no idea how old it is and it works the same every time. 

The biggest thing that I have had to do without for several days now is heat and soon it will be air conditioner. I noticed the fan / motor and all that vibrating so I turned it off and called my repair man, he said sounded like the fan but could be a few things and it will take him a couple days to get to me, I turned it on to warm the house before bed and it made a noise and smelled of smoke! I turned it off and its stayed off. Normal days around 65° is okay, one night at 45° and then Friday night at 39° doing without heat is the hardest thing, I know I am spoiled to the electric now, no doubts about it.

If I keep on with my intentions of living off the grid I may have to down size, maybe even move somewhere else and it will have to have a fireplace.

So if I buy the solar system I will make sure that is not a roof mounted system, so if or when I move I can take it with me. I like it here and I might just build here, I just need a smaller place to keep warm / cool.

There are so many things to consider when you want to jump into this lifestyle but I will guarantee you that I will chose something that will get me off the grid and I will still have my hard earned money each month in my pocket.

The three T`s are in order before living off the grid.

Think about it.

Think twice.

Think all things all the way through before you take action.

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry


  1. Wow, I have not seen a hand mix since my grandmother passed away about twenty years ago. I wish I could find one.