Monday, March 12, 2018

Getting Off The Grid - Getting started Or Starting Over

Taking the plunge! In more than one way, or am I starting over? After all it is a new way of thinking, out of the box? No, off the power grid.

Around 10 day ago I bought a 100 watt solar power kit, you can read more about that here, but I have not opened it yet.


Well, I needed the battery!

So over the weekend I bought the battery. The battery made to be used with the solar panels. The battery that will give me 100 watts of free power.

I am excited and scared all in one, because I am taking the next step, although a little step, its a big deal to me.

And ya know what? It did not cost as much as I thought to get this started, I do want to make sure its for me so starting little is the way to begin.

Want to see how cheap it can be to try out solar power? Click Here and Here, I will show you.

On The Homestead :

The grass has grown up, weeds included, The rain has came in along with a few nights that were very cold. It is March so the winds are up as well as the flip flop temperatures, Spring indeed.

I have pears blooms and I hope that I will get pears this year, its been two years since the last crop of pears. 

The peaches are also blooming and the cold nights are good for them. 

I have not noticed any on the apple tree , yet.

No I have not set out the grape vines yet, The area I will plant them has to be cleared, probably one days work, and that will come next week, hopefully.

Since I have finished the "away from home, go make a living work" I can now get back to my plans for the homestead.

I intend to build a small guest house, old fashion, old western movie type. One big room but with a sliding wall to a sleeping area and bathroom,the purpose of a sliding wall is that can be moved at night to receive heat, and closed off during the day when you may have company. I would like a wood cooking stove, to use as heat as well as cooking. 

However, I do have a building and if I can, I may move it cheaper so that may be the way I will go. As for power, if you thought solar you are right. Water? I have not gotten to that part yet.

For The Garden: 

I have not planted anything outside yet, I had planned to put a few of these very tall tomato plants out but we are having a few cold nights that would just kill them, after taking care of them for a couple months inside that is the last thing I want to do, I will wait another week. 

However I do have baby tomatoes, several and they are blooming most every day. 

The bell pepper plants, eggplant and more are all growing very nicely, they will be ready to get out in the garden soon as well.

I do not grow all my garden plants inside to transplant, I do have packets of seeds ready to place straight into the ground, I am truing my best to learn how to grow what I eat year round.

To check out more seeds that can be delivered straight to you through the mail click here. The world is changing and I do not have to worry about the stores being sold out by time I make it by there.

The Stockpile :

I have to say that I am slacking on restocking the pantry with my homemade goods but I am not finding any deals at the moment. I did buy a couple clam shells of strawberries but those two will go into the freezer for smoothies or to add to ice cream.

Maybe next week something I need to can will be on sale. Till then I will continue to enjoy the stockpile.

Want to get everything together to home can this Summer?  For the pressure canner click here. For the canning jars click here. For the "how to home can " click here. This is how I learned to home can and in no time you will be reaping the benefits of the best food you have ever tasted.

The Learning :

I am learning so much! Its all about the solar power kit and what I need to make thing thing start paying for itself. This week I plan to connect this up and get something, anything! plugged in to see how well it works. 

Life is changing around this homestead and for the better. 

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

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Friday, March 2, 2018

Getting Off The Grid - Solar Power Baby!

Plum blooms

I can talk all I want about getting off the grid. I can apply the "power saving" techniques, I can do so much before actually taking the plunge. 

Then I have that little voice in the back of my head, some call it the part that is reasoning with me to stop this madness, and I think, what if I do not like it? What if I spent all that money for something I absolutely hate?

Next comes that "other" voice that says "shut up and just do it already!"

So I decided to obey the voice!

On The Homestead:

There is a reason I have not written in two weeks, that reason is one of why I want to get off the grid, working away from home. I have had to devote almost all my time to getting one of the rental houses ready to put back on the market. I could have skimmed over it and listed it but I am going that extra mile, what had began to look ran down, with the trim painting outside was peeling or getting dull, the siding was turning green on the north side and a small overhang porch was falling apart. Now that its almost all finished I can get top dollar again. 

The homestead is supposed to be the big investment and then to live almost free, that is the goal, not working a month away from the homestead. 
Plum tree in full bloom

Spring has came to us a month early, and now a cold front that might kill the blooms ( fruits) from all the fruit trees.

Dandelion in the middle of the weeds

The grass is green and the weeds are greener and blooming, knew high and ready to be mowed away.

The old hedge bushes have their leaves, making a shade for the dogs.

For The Garden :

I have tomato plants ready to go into the ground, I am thinking about trying a couple out this early and making a cover for the cage to protect them if it gets colder, but I would wait another week just because I know a couple nights will make it down into the upper 30`s and/ or the lower 40`s.

The lemon tree is in full bloom inside the house, once again we are making the lemons since there are no bees to do it, mixing the pollen up from one bloom to another with a q tip.

The Basil, Garlic and eggplants are doing awesome and all awaits a place out in the garden.

Seeds are life. Without seeds we would not have food. Even growing a plant in a five gallon bucket will save on your grocery bill! Click here to see how cheap it is to get started. 

The Stockpile : 

I have not home canned anything but I have been living off the home canned foods, It is very nice to come home from work and just opening the food, heating it and that is dinner. The best part is knowing that I made it and it has no added preservatives or unknown additives. 

It was so scary when I first began to home can, I was so unsure of myself but with this shared knowledge I now home can fruits, vegetables and even meats. Click here to learn for yourself.

The Learning :

I have not taken on anymore knowledge, that I can remember, this month. I have worked away from home so much that learning has been on the bottom of my to do list, however, I do see a light at the end of the tunnel and soon I will be back to my normal homestead routine. 

Knowing before you start something is the way to go, Whether its about greenhouses or just growing tomatoes. Click here to see what the world has to teach me and you.

~~~~~~~~~~~Now to the big announcement~~~~~~~~~~~~

I did it! Its the beginning ..... its a start toward my lifelong goal.

I bought a solar power kit.

A 100 watt solar power kit that includes: 4 panels, 6 panel braces, 2 LED bulbs, Dc connector cable, battery clamp connection cable,10A charge controller, 4 in 1 connection cable.

Next I will a battery, they are only $70 and then the decision will be what to hook up to start saving me some money.

How about you? Ready to buy something solar? I started with the night lights and I have to say I also used them inside when I lost power, click here to check the out.

Life is getting real around this homestead!

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Getting Off The Grid - Buying For The Homestead

Rain. The past week has been solid rain. Yes we need rain in this area because of the threat of drought but not all in one week!

With the rain falling everyday and the cloudy days the garden area cannot dry out enough for the tiller to run a row for beets and cold weather plants. Maybe I will turn the green house into a growing tunnel instead, and forget about the potted plants. We will see, this maybe the the change of plans for me in the future. 

On The Homestead: 

Since it has been raining I have not done nothing outside but the temps are staying mild and that part is something I do enjoy, but the grass is turning green and I am not ready for that :) 


While I was out and about I stopped at Lowe`s home improvement center to get another bag of connectors for the electric fence that I will put for the dogs in a few days, what I seen was nice! Grape vines on sale from $10.98 down to just $3.00! I got five and they had a couple fig bushes as well so I bought one of those for my sister, her yard is bare and needs some life!

Now I need to look at the homestead and decided where to put the grape vines.

Want to get started at home and not get in the crowds? Just click the link below and get started! Delivered right to your front door!

For The Garden :

Last week was a good week for sowing seed and that is just what I did and this week I have babies. 

The tomato seeds burst out and are growing tall.

The garlic is making an appearance as well, sine this is my first at growing garlic this will be a learning experience as well.

The tomato plants are blooming, soon I will play the bee and pollinate them myself.

The eggplants are slow growing so it`ll be weeks before I re-pot them or set them out into the garden.

Want to start tomatoes at home?  click the link below and get started, the bigger the plants the faster you`ll get tomatoes from your garden when planting begins! Click the link below and pick your favorite tomato and have them delivered to you!

The Stockpile :

Last week I did not have anything from my homestead to can so I did what I would usually do, see what is low and restock it if possible. I did.

Around here the pickled meats are enjoyed, I would also like to enjoy them but I am cutting out pork and beef and most of the hot dogs or sausages are made of both. So I bought myself turkey sausages (using coupons) and I home canned myself a batch and another batch for the rest, a total of 11 pint jars. 

Want to home can but scared? Do as I did and read this book, it changed my life! I will now always have food no matter if its in season or not, because I got over the fear of home canning. click the link below and get started!

The Learning : 

I have to say that everyday on the homestead is a learning experience because nothing is ever the same. From getting rain to no rain, the pest and the need of fertilizer to building fences. 

But .....

From the books I bought I learn the most about how to do things and this is the best book I have "EVER" read. I have learned so much. 

For instance, I thought that the nursery used the black plastic on the ground for weed and grass control but that is not the only reason, its to make the ground a few degrees warmer so you can grow earlier! Since some plants require and certain ground temperature the black plastic heats the soil making it just right for the jump start on growing. 

You never get to old to learn! Books is how I learn the most, I will share the link to where I bought this book below.

How is life on your home stead? 

By Andria Perry
Photo by Andria Perry

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”