Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Getting Off The Grid - What Is New On The Homestead

I started seeds in the house back in January, I have tomato plants, sweet green bell pepper plants up and the plants are beautiful.

A couple weeks ago I started seeds for another variety if tomatoes and those are up and about to put on the second set of leaves.

Just a couple days ago I did another planting, of Jalapeno peppers. I have not home canned hot peppers in a very long time. This year I do plan to make pepper jelly and cowboy candy as well as pickled jalapenos for those nachos and cheese.

Next good moon phase I will sow the seed for the eggplants, I have seed for black beauty, they are deep purple, the type I usually buy or grow. I also bought another variety of tomatoes, I will also plant these with the next best moon phase.

AND .....

The best news ever. I got my Strainer/ Sauce maker. 

Last year I ordered a new one on ebay and I never got it so ebay gave me the refund.

A couple weeks ago I was checking out my "extras" bank account and I went shopping. I looked on ebay but they were expensive, so I went to Amazon and got this one very cheap and its new. Its much bigger than I had thought.

I am now prepared to make my own tomato sauce, pasta sauce, apple sauce and more. 

I know people question the cost of making your own compared to buying it cheaper but I look at things this way :

1 - If there were no more grocery stores how would you eat these sauces? 

2 - Would you know how to make them and what to add as a seasoning? 

3- I control how much salt I eat and how much sugar is added.

4 - This sauce maker is manual, does NOT require any electricity. 

That is four reasons why I am happy to make my own.

That is what is happening on the homestead, what is happening in your neck of the woods?

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry


  1. Your tomatoes are growing great! I started some seeds inside too, my green and yellow beans are looking good. Can't wait to get them planted outside.

    1. Me either but I know I will wait till mid April or later, just to make sure the freezing is over.

  2. Pure fruit/vegetable pulp, no flour-and-water paste, makes the best sauce!

    1. That is what I plan because I am not supposed to eat flour.

  3. In the long run it is cheaper to make your own. It is not only cheaper but healthier. As what you make lasts a long time. Not a week til the next stop to the store. You save gas money that way too.

    1. I think so too but I am guessing you have heard the same as me about buying vs. making.