Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Getting Off The Grid - What is Growing On The Homestead

Getting a greenhouse was important to me but then sickness came and took  priority and the greenhouse was put on the back burner. But that wont keep me from getting started with the food for this coming Spring and Summer. Growing plants for food is always happening on the homestead.

Just six weeks into this new year of 2017 and what do I have growing already?

I have Tomatoes! Plants that is :) They have grow a lot. I planted them on January 21st. and less than a month they are beginning to get leggy but that is okay the leaves will catch up.

Next was on January 30th. I sowed the sweet bell pepper seeds, I thought they would never sprout but finally, I have babies!

On the same day I tossed seeds for basil in a large flower pot, the seeds are so tiny I could not plant them separate, That is okay because I will give them each a home of its on in due time. They are showing some growth as well.


We, here in Alabama, are having one of those years that the first weeks of February are unseasonably warm. With the temps so warm the flowers are blooming as well as many of the trees, the Bradford pears are in full bloom, I seen one in the field by my property.

The sage is fairing well on the deck, still had leaves!

I also seen the walking onions up, they have a few burnt blades from those few nights it did get cold but for the most part they are growing.

The spearmint has began to come back to life, I spotted some in the mint bed, if I don`t see it I am certain to smell it in the green grass as I walk over a patch.

On a daily walk I spotted a Dandelion flower in the green weeds and grass, That means sooner than later I will be picking the flowers for jelly and the bitter greens for salads. I will also try to dig some of the roots, I have heard they are wonderful medicine.

And last but not least, The fall greens are almost big enough to begin picking. Yes I said fall greens! When the drought set in I had just sowed the garden with several types of greens, a normal rain year I would have had greens before November and I would home canned them all winter. But the rains did not come so when it did rain and the sun warmed them they sprouted and now I have greens.
I see turnip, kale and curly mustard.

Well, that is about all that is happening on the homestead. What is happening in your neck of the woods?

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By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry


  1. We had snow in NW Ohio yesterday. Today the temps are cool. Only need a jacket. This weekend is calling for 60 degree weather. It is weird. As normally where I live we have plenty of snow. Mom wonders if that means we will have more tornados popping up this year. I hope not. One ripped through a trailer court last year.

    On a side note, I ordered lemon grass plant online. Itf was half dead. I was not able to save it. It was too far gone. I also ordered some blue roses seeds. I am waiting for them to come in. As I will plant them in the spring.

    1. I have never tried seed for roses, that is a thought.