Saturday, March 11, 2017

Gone Fishing - Getting Off The Grid

Although I am going back to vegetarian, I will add fish to my diet. I love to go fishing. Its a place that is calm this time of the year when no one is out playing in the water.

Note: I`m a flexitarian at the moment, I will live as a gatherer but I will add fish to my diet so I reckon I will be a pescatarian and not exactly a vegetarian. There are just to many way to say I eat veggies and fruits all day but will have fish in occasion.

Yesterday was the first time that I have went fishing this year, I have been leaving it up to the men to bring in the fish but one is old and got hurt and can`t fish yet and the other one has been sick for months but I brought him with me anyways, I have to step up and try to get the fish I will need to get me through a year, Fish to eat now and fish to put up along the way for stock, either in the freezer or home canning, with home canning the preferred method.

I do live close to one river system but I do not feel comfortable eating the fish because of so much pollution and the fact that I have witnessed so many people suffer with cancer, or die, that live on this river system so I traveled a little to go to the cleaner river and the water shed.

Lake Wedowee is in the next county over, its the back water from the dam, and this time of year the water is down and we can walk out to a favorite spot.


The wind was blowing and one of my points was unbearable to try and fish but Tony had the side of a mountain as a wind break and he caught a couple fish, crappie, one female and one male. If we needed food, that would be a meal but according to the size limit they were an inch under the length that we could keep.

After a couple hours we gave up and moved to the next fishing place,  just on the Edge of Oxford, Alabama. The small lake that feeds the water shed lake, Lake Hillabee, I have always called it anchor metal lake but I don`t know that it has a name. 

It was late in the evening and there was only a couple fisherman out, but there was so many cars coming in and circling around that it was impossible to get a nibble, so we left and knew we would have to come here earlier to avoid the traffic of sight seers to actually enjoy fishing this lake.

That is the fishing story of the first fishing trip of 2017. 

Do you go fishing? Do you keep the fish for food?

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By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry


  1. I send Hubby fishing he loves it...I hate it...nuff said...We have alake on the farm which is way overstocked so it's needs fishing quite often and my son has a lake on his wifes farm so we get plenty of fish plus any caught from the sea...I have some smallish ones in the pond at our house but they are too small and growing well but probably safe from being could just eat fish with the occasional meat :)

    1. I wish we had a lake here it would make life easier.The ocean is several hours away in two directions so not fishing there.