Thursday, February 9, 2017

8 Tips To Save Energy This Winter - Getting Off The Grid

Most people know that when winter hits we need to make sure a few things are done around the house so that we will stay warm and not be heating the great outdoors. Plus, who want to pay extra for that power bill? Not me!
Some people already do a few of these tips but maybe there will be one that was overlooked that will help, I am all about paying for what I use but hey, money is money and I don`t want to throw it away.
1 - Some people are like me and just cannot breathe in a hot house so 68° anytime is comfortable, that is what most power companies suggest that you set the thermostat at in the winter months.
2 - To me this is a no brainer, wear clothes! If you wear clothes in the winter you`re gonna be warmer, so if the thermostat is down you wont even notice!
3 - Open those curtains and blind and let the sunshine in! Not only will it warm the house naturally but looking at the pretty sunshine will lift your mood as well.
4 - Check out the weather striping around problem doors and windows, caulk around the window panes too, sometimes a little putty is missing and that little air hole makes it cold inside.
5 - The ceiling fans. Do you have one? There is this button that can be flipped up or down, flip it and the fan will push hot air down from the ceiling.
6 - To me this is the best tip of all! Make sure you seal around the dryer vent hole, the water pipe holes, any hole that you have made for pipes to come into the house. Not only will this make the floor warmer in that area but rodents cannot use that gap to come inside to live for the winter.
7 - Wrap an insulation blanket around the hot water heater to keep the hot water hot longer. If you do not have a flip off switch already ( looks just like a light switch) ask an electrician to install one. With the insulating blanket and the flip off switch you`ll really save a lot on hot water this winter.
8 - No everyone lives in a nice house, some of us do the best we can and that means we rent or have bought an old house. One thing I always do and that is I put plastic over the old windows to stop the air from getting in. If you are like me you`ll put it up inside the house and on the outside of the house, for some reason this works really good.
If I forgot one that you know about and I don`t, share by all means! I am always open to new ideas and I thrive on saving my money and energy.
By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

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