Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Getting Off The Grid - Best Information Yet and Turnip Greens

I have been saying this for some time but its time for the solar power, something..... anything. But when I went to all the sites on the internet they just wanted to sell me systems and I have to to calculate what size I wanted and so on. I wanted to know more, like the life of the batteries and all that stuff. I do not want to be hooked to a dealer to fix things and constantly have to pay them for minor problems I can solve.

So, I began to dig around the books and I found one I was looking for on Amazon. I have waited two weeks but I got it today in the mail and I am so glad I bought this book. It tells me about what are the best brands to buy, what the life is of batteries and how to install my OWN system! I have not read the whole book but I scanned it and I love it. 

Lets go back to the homestead.

The greens that was sown back at the beginning of the serious drought, well they did come up in the winter as the rains came. Today they were big enough for me to pick me a mess. I cleaned and cooked them late this evening and they will be tomorrows dinner.

And I know I must seem like the crazy canning lady but I look at it this way, cook once and have 7 to 14 meals and all I have to do is warm it, if I want.

For the past two days I have canned meats, that means today was beans. Tony absolutely can live on butter beans and I like having vegetarian baked beans on hand for B-B-Q meals or just cooking out on the grill. 

I have learned that with one pound of dry beans you will make four pints of beans, so when I soak the navy beans for the veggie baked beans I know I will get four pints and I always like my pressure canner full so not to waste power, that means I will also do a pound of butter beans and since the canner holds seven pints Tony will also get a meal of butter beans. 

And that is what is happening on the homestead today, working to get off the grid.

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By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. Sustainability is the key. The more we can minimize our carbon footprint the better.

  2. I wish I could live that way. I can always dream.

  3. I am aiming to do what I can and if we all do just that it will make a difference, some can and do more because of their individual circumstances and if we are city folks it will be more difficult to totally live off the grid. But every little helps and I do think we should all look at wether we could substain our families in a crisis wherever we are :)

    1. That is true, just having a couple months food put away helps.