Thursday, August 9, 2018

Getting Off The Grid - Named The Homestead

Now you know what I have been up to! However, I did tell you about a new store coming soon.

The Homestead :

I named the homestead because as you all know I want off the power grid and I want well water. I want to quit working and live off the land.

 It can be done and has been done but I have to be the different one and do it my way. I want some technology like a computer and t.v., I want a refrigerator and hot water too. 

So, I had to think out of the box, think of what I would give up or how to make money to pay things that are inescapable, taxes for one. I can give up shopping because I do have enough but how to make the money?

That is when I decided to open up a business I can from from the homestead, I needed a name but I did not really wanna use my name for the homestead so I went to nick names. When I was very young I was called sunshine so why not? Now its "Sunshine`s homestead" and what better to name the new business but Sunshine`s homestead creations."

Till the building is delivered I am online only. Check me out at Sunshine`s homestead creations I am still working on the site but I add something new every few days. For the most part I will make when ordered so its always fresh!

From The Garden :

Last week it was all about figs. This week its all about okra! I am now picking every other day and getting a nice basket full. I have shared a couple, three times, but I know charity begins at home so I am chopping it and freezing for the winter also. I do plan to pickle a few jars for myself too.

The tomatoes are so little, disappointed in the size but grateful to God for any tomatoes.

The bell peppers have slowed down but all this rain may help.

The squash was just about non existent anyways but I did not mow it down yet.

The cucumber played out, during that week of no rain they died, so that patch got mowed down.

Soon it`ll be time to plant kale and I will be so glad!

The stockpile :

Besides making a gallon plus a pint of sweet fridge pickles I have not canned anything.

But I have been chopping okra as I pick. I actually have a bag waiting for me to slice.

The Learning :

Its been years since I had to sell anything. So this week I got out and began to promote my no scent added products, I do have other nice smells but people need no scent also. I handed out cards and price lists, samples and handshakes. 

But as I see it if the new business does not make it, I have learned to make body and hair products on the homestead so its a win win situation, although I do believe the business will thrive.

By Andria Perry

Photos By Andria Perry


  1. Congrats on the new business! I hope it is a huge success!

  2. That okra looks delicious! Great year for tomatoes here...I don't know whether anyone in my town has *ever* had any success with okra.

    1. I can grow okra when nothing else will come up! I am about to mow down all of it except the okra and bell peppers.