Thursday, August 2, 2018

Getting Off The Grid - All About Figs


This year time has just about gotten away from me, July is the time for many fruits to ripen and are ready to home can, so that we may "slide" through the winter with delicious foods from our labor in the heat of the year passed.

The Homestead :
The rain stopped and the grass mowing slowed down, however, so did the growing vegetables. 

Rain is back in the forecast and I have to say I want it. I know it slows me down on away from the homestead work but I need it for the crops. I actually had to water the garden and I don`t like using city water but I had to save them plants

From The Garden :

Since I plant my garden early I also have an early harvest. One planting of tomatoes are ready, meaning most of them are turning red all at the same time, I have another crop of Roma tomatoes just now blooming and growing babies.

Bell peppers are coming in but I pick and use those just about as fast as they are ready to pick.

The cucumbers have slowed down, I am not getting a couple a week, just to eat. I did home can what I needed this year.

The okra! I have one row that is baring and one row that is not, due to planting weeks apart. 

The figs. I have picked a couple times and I am home canning as I go.

The stockpile :

It is that time of the year and yes I have began to stock the pantry and freezer.

This year I did not need dill pickles so I made what I am out of, sweet pickle relish. Besides having cucumbers just about daily fresh and raw I have made eleven pint jars of sweet pickle relish, one pint and one quart of sliced fridge pickles with the left over liquid mix. I now have plenty of sweet pickle relish.

I have sliced up, I don`t even recall how many quarts, okra. I know I should keep count! I also gave my sister a small bag and another couple a bag full. 

Tonight I plan to process some tomatoes, I will sauce them again this year since they have been small.

And now to figs! I picked off my tree and made 4 half pints of Fig spread. 

Then a neighbor called for us to come get figs they had picked for us, I sent a jar of honeysuckle jelly and a sack of okra as a trade. I made 9 half pints of sweetened with Splenda preserves for the diabetics, and 13 preserves and 5 fig paste

That should restock me with plenty of fig products.

I really need to make more soups for the winter, that will be on my to do list.

The Learning :

I am always learning something new, from kids or old people and all ages in between. 

I have been working hard on the new store stuff. I am getting nearer to a grand opening but it will always be a work in progress because of the products that I will offer can and will be made to order. Grand opening soon!


Now what is going on around your homestead?

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry


  1. I'm afraid nothing is going on here in my garden except trying to keep it from dying in this heat wave. I wish I'd planted a vegetable garden, but I just couldn't do it this year. I'm glad your homestead is such a success.

    1. I am sorry that you are having a bad time.

      Thank you, its not as good as some years but its making food.

  2. You have a nice stock pile going there. Try as I may I still have nothing yet.

  3. I don't have a garden yet. And I haven't even started tomatoes on my balcony this year. But I have a small fig plant and two paw paw tree starts to be planted at The Shack when I go up there next. Awesome for you about all those figs!!

    1. I hope you Fig and pawpaw trees take off and make you a lot of food!

  4. It's been a wonderful year for all Cucurbits here. Not bad for tomatoes, but oh ze zucchini!