Friday, March 2, 2018

Getting Off The Grid - Solar Power Baby!

Plum blooms

I can talk all I want about getting off the grid. I can apply the "power saving" techniques, I can do so much before actually taking the plunge. 

Then I have that little voice in the back of my head, some call it the part that is reasoning with me to stop this madness, and I think, what if I do not like it? What if I spent all that money for something I absolutely hate?

Next comes that "other" voice that says "shut up and just do it already!"

So I decided to obey the voice!

On The Homestead:

There is a reason I have not written in two weeks, that reason is one of why I want to get off the grid, working away from home. I have had to devote almost all my time to getting one of the rental houses ready to put back on the market. I could have skimmed over it and listed it but I am going that extra mile, what had began to look ran down, with the trim painting outside was peeling or getting dull, the siding was turning green on the north side and a small overhang porch was falling apart. Now that its almost all finished I can get top dollar again. 

The homestead is supposed to be the big investment and then to live almost free, that is the goal, not working a month away from the homestead. 
Plum tree in full bloom

Spring has came to us a month early, and now a cold front that might kill the blooms ( fruits) from all the fruit trees.

Dandelion in the middle of the weeds

The grass is green and the weeds are greener and blooming, knew high and ready to be mowed away.

The old hedge bushes have their leaves, making a shade for the dogs.

For The Garden :

I have tomato plants ready to go into the ground, I am thinking about trying a couple out this early and making a cover for the cage to protect them if it gets colder, but I would wait another week just because I know a couple nights will make it down into the upper 30`s and/ or the lower 40`s.

The lemon tree is in full bloom inside the house, once again we are making the lemons since there are no bees to do it, mixing the pollen up from one bloom to another with a q tip.

The Basil, Garlic and eggplants are doing awesome and all awaits a place out in the garden.

Seeds are life. Without seeds we would not have food. Even growing a plant in a five gallon bucket will save on your grocery bill! Click here to see how cheap it is to get started. 

The Stockpile : 

I have not home canned anything but I have been living off the home canned foods, It is very nice to come home from work and just opening the food, heating it and that is dinner. The best part is knowing that I made it and it has no added preservatives or unknown additives. 

It was so scary when I first began to home can, I was so unsure of myself but with this shared knowledge I now home can fruits, vegetables and even meats. Click here to learn for yourself.

The Learning :

I have not taken on anymore knowledge, that I can remember, this month. I have worked away from home so much that learning has been on the bottom of my to do list, however, I do see a light at the end of the tunnel and soon I will be back to my normal homestead routine. 

Knowing before you start something is the way to go, Whether its about greenhouses or just growing tomatoes. Click here to see what the world has to teach me and you.

~~~~~~~~~~~Now to the big announcement~~~~~~~~~~~~

I did it! Its the beginning ..... its a start toward my lifelong goal.

I bought a solar power kit.

A 100 watt solar power kit that includes: 4 panels, 6 panel braces, 2 LED bulbs, Dc connector cable, battery clamp connection cable,10A charge controller, 4 in 1 connection cable.

Next I will a battery, they are only $70 and then the decision will be what to hook up to start saving me some money.

How about you? Ready to buy something solar? I started with the night lights and I have to say I also used them inside when I lost power, click here to check the out.

Life is getting real around this homestead!

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

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  1. As always I admire your tenacity in setting out to achieve your goal of self-sufficiency. Personally, I am happy to use all the facilities the modern world can offer!

    1. Thank you, I am happy using what is offered its just become to expensive.

  2. I really enjoy reading your homesteading progress. I can relate to it so well. I have two solar panels and one is set-up at The Shack. However, the battery that was gifted to me was used. And has worn out. I have to buy a new battery. It's on that never-ending list of things to buy/to do. Good for you and congrats on making the move to get the solar kit!!!!

    1. Thank you. New batteries are $70 at Freight Harbor.

  3. What did you solar panet kit cost you? Where did you buy it? We recently got an estimate for solar power at our homestead, and it was $16,000. This means we will be doing it ourself!

    1. Freight Harbor, they are on sale this weekend for $149, if you have the mail out coupon you save another 20%. The batteries are $70 each. I have to check out how many watts I use per day before I go all the way. I will plug up different things to see how long I can get from a single battery. Its all trial and error for me now.

  4. Yesterday everyone around us lost power, we did not. We had solar power during the daylight hours, and the power was back on before the sun went down.

    Solar rocks!

  5. We still have snow on the ground. This week, our highs should be up around 40, with the lows from the teens to low 20's. Rain is coming toward the end of the week, but I don't have much doubt that we will be getting more rain.

    Some people around here have solar panels but the amount of snow we get make them problematic. Our snowfall can be heavy enough that it can collapse buildings if it isn't cleared off the roof. That isn't easy to do even when you don't have to worry about scraping the roof with a shovel or such. Solar panels can get scratched during snow removal or broken from the weight of the snow.

    1. I can see that as a problem, if I lived there and I used solar I would put it on the ground and not on the roof. I really do not want mine on my roof, I prefer the ground so when I move I can pack it up and bring it with me to the new place.