Thursday, February 15, 2018

Getting Off The Grid - Buying For The Homestead

Rain. The past week has been solid rain. Yes we need rain in this area because of the threat of drought but not all in one week!

With the rain falling everyday and the cloudy days the garden area cannot dry out enough for the tiller to run a row for beets and cold weather plants. Maybe I will turn the green house into a growing tunnel instead, and forget about the potted plants. We will see, this maybe the the change of plans for me in the future. 

On The Homestead: 

Since it has been raining I have not done nothing outside but the temps are staying mild and that part is something I do enjoy, but the grass is turning green and I am not ready for that :) 


While I was out and about I stopped at Lowe`s home improvement center to get another bag of connectors for the electric fence that I will put for the dogs in a few days, what I seen was nice! Grape vines on sale from $10.98 down to just $3.00! I got five and they had a couple fig bushes as well so I bought one of those for my sister, her yard is bare and needs some life!

Now I need to look at the homestead and decided where to put the grape vines.

Want to get started at home and not get in the crowds? Just click the link below and get started! Delivered right to your front door!

For The Garden :

Last week was a good week for sowing seed and that is just what I did and this week I have babies. 

The tomato seeds burst out and are growing tall.

The garlic is making an appearance as well, sine this is my first at growing garlic this will be a learning experience as well.

The tomato plants are blooming, soon I will play the bee and pollinate them myself.

The eggplants are slow growing so it`ll be weeks before I re-pot them or set them out into the garden.

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The Stockpile :

Last week I did not have anything from my homestead to can so I did what I would usually do, see what is low and restock it if possible. I did.

Around here the pickled meats are enjoyed, I would also like to enjoy them but I am cutting out pork and beef and most of the hot dogs or sausages are made of both. So I bought myself turkey sausages (using coupons) and I home canned myself a batch and another batch for the rest, a total of 11 pint jars. 

Want to home can but scared? Do as I did and read this book, it changed my life! I will now always have food no matter if its in season or not, because I got over the fear of home canning. click the link below and get started!

The Learning : 

I have to say that everyday on the homestead is a learning experience because nothing is ever the same. From getting rain to no rain, the pest and the need of fertilizer to building fences. 

But .....

From the books I bought I learn the most about how to do things and this is the best book I have "EVER" read. I have learned so much. 

For instance, I thought that the nursery used the black plastic on the ground for weed and grass control but that is not the only reason, its to make the ground a few degrees warmer so you can grow earlier! Since some plants require and certain ground temperature the black plastic heats the soil making it just right for the jump start on growing. 

You never get to old to learn! Books is how I learn the most, I will share the link to where I bought this book below.

How is life on your home stead? 

By Andria Perry
Photo by Andria Perry

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  1. What an awesome price for the grapes! That's something to look forward to for later in the season :)

  2. What a great deal on the grape vines. Don't you need an arbor or soemthing for grape vines to climb up?

    1. Yes I will build one, I think I will use coated wire and posts.

  3. My dad had grapes for years. They were fantastic! Good job@!!!

  4. In 3 years you will be getting 100-200 lbs of grapes! You will also be able to sell dormant vine cuttings when you winter prune.

  5. Wow, you garden is coming along great already.

    1. Yes and in a month they will be ready for the garden outside.