Sunday, March 25, 2018

Getting Off The Grid - Its Tomato Time

Back in December I started seed in the house using the southern windows sun and now that its March they had began to bloom, with no bees inside I had to pollinate each flower to make the tomatoes.

I looked at the calendar and it was the perfect day to plant, sow or whatever. So I ditched housework and went outside with the extra tall tomato plants and a shovel.

The Homestead :

Seems like the homestead knew that March 20th. came and when it did the place took off, its green and getting greener.

March winds have decided to show up as well, I opened the greenhouse to vent and in no time flat the wind had blown the plastic off! So that will be a problem that I will have to deal with, find a solution or maybe move it all together.

The grass was mowed, I even got caught up from last years over grown mess when I was down to only a push mower, the fields are clean. 

From the Garden :

Well, I cannot say that the tomatoes made it into the garden but they did get planted. I do not have the garden plowed yet so I did the next best thing, I planted the tomatoes in the flower beds around the deck. After all its full sun and one year I has a bumper crop of tomatoes from that area. I planted eight around the deck and replanted two and brought those back inside because they are smaller and not blooming yet.

The bell pepper plants are ready to be put outside but I will have to till a spot for those.

The eggplants are still a ways from being big enough to transplant.

The apple tree is finally blooming and I have to say the blooms are so pretty, first pink and then they turn into white.

The spearmint is back! Yes its already up and ready for kitchen use.

The sage wintered over well, I do not think that it died back at all.

And I am now getting more kale. I will pick it this time and then mow down the patch, it will put back out and I wont have to fight weeds to get to it. I should be able to harvest till May. 

The stockpile :

I have not picked anything to home can or freeze. But... I did cook up a huge pot of pinto beans and I home canned seven pints. As for the large Lima beans (butter beans) I froze those and I got four quart bags and that equals pints because I fill them half way and then flattened them.

The Learning :

The biggest part of learning is when you have enough. I do have enough, actually I have to much and I need to down size.

When you learn you do not need much and that things are just things that will not last forever, you are on your game.

What is important in life is food and shelter, a few clothes and that is about it, oh and coffee! Love too, everyone needs love.

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry

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  1. One of my favorite things was when my dad started the annual tomato planning!

    1. I love it the day the fields are plowed.

  2. aw ... little green tomatoes! Awesome. And the mint... I've already planted mint up on my land.

    1. It spreads and I can bet that it will never die, you will have mint forever!

  3. There is nothing better than fresh tomatoes from the garden Angie. I really have to get a few plants in this year for myself. Thanks!

    1. You are right! They are easy to grow and I hope you get a couple plants in the dirt.