Thursday, February 8, 2018

Getting Off The Grid - Life In February

growing  tomato plants in pots

So far life is good, No snow and plenty of rain and mild temps. Not our typical February here in central Alabama and glad its not.

On The Homestead :

Last week I started on the fence and clearing an area for the dogs, so I continued with this work and on that area. 

More about this click here : learning and organizing 

Saturday I went to work and made another section of the fence and got it up, leaving only four feet left for me to complete. The total fenced in area on one side will be 6 feet tall and 20 feet long.

Next I cleaned out the shed, there was just to much stuff in there that I did not need so I got most of it out and recycled or tossed into the trash.

Tuesday came around and I took a few more hours to work on the dogs area and the shed. I cleaned out another small area of the shed and nothing went back in, its all to be recycled, I just have a small section left and I will finish that when I get some type of shelf up for what junk I am keeping. 

I clipped down more of the small bushes and picked up trash that had accumulated under the leaves, some of it is not even mine, I found beer cans and no one here drinks.

I plan to finish the fence and put up a section of wire fencing and the dogs area will be done, giving them about 200 feet to run and play, sunshine or shade.

For The Garden :

Today was a good day to sow seeds according to the farmer almanac so I sowed a huge pot with tomato seed, another with sweet green bell pepper seed and one more with garlic. These pepper and tomato plants will go into the garden in around 8 weeks, if its Gods will.

I have never grown garlic so I hope it goes well, I know it should be set in the garden but I do not have a space cleaned so I planted them in this huge plastic meat container until I can get a space fixed for garlic.

The baby eggplants are growing. More of  bell pepper plants got transplanted into bigger pots and so did a couple tomatoes.

While cleaning the shed I found more large pots and more mulch, both will be used soon.

The Stockpile :

I have not added anything but jars, the jars after we ate the contents :)

The Learning :

I have not gathered anymore materials to read but I have learned that with determination you can get what you want from the earth, growing food is not all that hard when you learn what plants like it cold, hot and mild. What plants like it wet and which plants like it dry.

And that is why I love to read about plants that will feed me for years to come.

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

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