Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Getting Off The Grid - A Week Later

My Black eyed Susan`s 2017

October 3, 2017

What is new on this homestead? 

I happy to say that I got the area cut out for the greenhouse  in September and Tony chopped down a small pine tree, around five feet tall. We also bought the supplies needed to build a 12 x 10 greenhouse. 

Today, Tuesday October the 3rd. we laid out the grid and erected the hoop style green house. We stopped after  getting it half done because we are going to double the length. 12 feet is not big enough for the way we will heat it so its going out another 12 feet, the 10 feet is plenty wide. 

Tomorrow I plan to go buy the supplies and by the week is out it will be up and ready.

Progress : 

This past weekend I home canned the pears that was given to Tony, his friend gave him the whole tree filled with huge pears once again, since I was swamped with housework Tony helped so much by peeling the pears for me, I canned eight pints and nineteen half pints of cinnamon pears.

Next I had bought a couple pounds of red grapes for .79 per pound and I canned those, one pint and six half pints.

I also got a deal on pork roasts, so I took advantage of the very low price and got two. I canned seven pints of pork.

From The Garden :

I am still getting okra, about a quart a week but I noticed something very strange a couple days ago. Tony told me I missed a lot of okra on the smaller plants when he helped me one day by watering the new baby greens, so the next day I went out to pick okra and I seen what he was calling the small plants.

The okra stalk is sprouting new plants from its old leaf holes, you know where the bottom leaves had fallen off as it grew tall. I have never seen this before! Brand new plants are stuck out of the side, blooming and with okra pods. I am going to make photos of this.

Some of the kale and turnip greens that were planted at the end of August are now big enough to pick and eat, I had planned on eating them already but I just have not made time to pick, clean and cook them. Maybe within the next few days I can get around to cooking a nice fresh pot of fall greens.

The Back Yard :

There has not been anymore cutting because I still have a section of limbs to move, I have been working on that a few minutes here and there, As soon as I get the greenhouse finished I will finish the limb removal for the new dog area before winter sets in, I want them to have a place that is warm and protected from the northern winds.

Harley and Roscoe

It is October. The nights are getting cooler and the days have less humidity, even at 80 degrees the dry winds make it feel cold.

How is life on your homestead? 

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry


  1. A tad waterlogged as we have had a lot of rain..some of the rice is ready and the turkeys are getting big so all is well..Wow you definitely are the canning Queen I definitly must learn how to do it :)

    1. LOL, Canning Queen? You would be surprised at how many people can way more than I do.

      We are in a dry spell and I hole for a rainy day on Sunday.

      Will you eat the turkey for Thanksgiving?

  2. Cooling here too. Cheers for Tony helping with all those pears!

    1. Yes he can do something while sitting! LOL he eats most of them anyways.

  3. Wow, you got a lot done. I love your dogs.

  4. kudos to the "Canning Queen and King" !

  5. What progress you have made! You must be so excited about your new greenhouse. Looking good!

    1. Yes I have. Thank you. I hope to get it finished today.