Sunday, October 15, 2017

Getting Off The Grid - Not Happy And Stockpiling

October 15, 2017

While my week was very busy working, the paying job, I did manage to get a few things accomplished around the homestead. A couple of hours of work can make a huge difference. Today is Sunday and I will work outside today. 

Progress  Around the Homestead :

We only had a few hours to work so we took on the backyard again, cutting down the rest of those over grown shrubs that had turned into trees. 

While Tony cut them down I stacked them, I am making a shorter fence with many of the branches that I did not haul off to the edge of the property, The dogs sat with us, watching and playing.

I am sure its clear enough to put up the electric fence and get the dogs back into the area and allowed to run loose once again. BUT I had better clean out what I want out or it will be harder to do later with them underfoot.

We also got the plastic up and over the greenhouse but its not staying this way, Tony insisted putting the plastic this way and he did not understand how I wanted it to be and it would be completely closed in except the front, I finally drew it out how it would work my way and cost less and be less work. So that will be changed here soon. 

Whats In The Garden :

I am still getting Okra and I am now getting a mess of greens, but I am also getting pests so I will have to treat this problem before thy eat them up.

I harvested another round of banana peppers this week, and I have another putting on, I am sure these will last till a freeze just like the okra, seems they love the fall weather.

The Spring crop of lemons got picked yesterday, yes they are still green but they turn yellow soon after they are picked, I could have left them longer but the Fall new babies need all the plant can give them at this point. There is six huge lemons.

The Stock Pile :

As most of you know I love mushrooms in just about everything and I do not grow mushrooms so when Aldi grocery store has them on sale I stock up, so far its about every three months the sale comes around. I bought twelve 8 ounce packs of white button mushrooms for .69 each package. I home canned seven pints, so that took about nine packages. I kept three packages fresh to cook with now.

I home canned two pints of sweet banana peppers as well as having enough to eat with our bean and greens dinners.

Once a week I have a meal with okra, the rest is put into the freezer sliced to fry or add to soups and whole for making boiled okra pods with butter.

From another grocery store I managed to use coupons and restock canned goods.  Del Monte sweet peas, sweet corn and spinach for .40 per can, I had more coupons to get diced tomatoes for .26 per can. I got 16 cans of each except for corn, just 4 cans of it since I am the only person who eats it.

Learning More About Foraging  :

While I have read a book and watched many videos,  I still ordered a new book about mushrooms, one that covers the South with more details and photos of the mushrooms in this area. However, I did learn more from watching the experts on Youtube, how to tell mushrooms apart.

Last week when hanging new keep out signs, no hunting on this property, I seen so many type of mushrooms, sure some had dried up but I know they are there now and they are edible. Although these photos are not that good I will share them anyways.

I found many turkey tails, some dried up and some not. 

Turkey tail mushrooms, dried up.

A day old - Turkey tail mushrooms

Tony found a Chanterelle, which are edible. But we only took one to come inside and make sure what it is.
one day old Chanterelle  mushroom

While at work I seen these growing inside the tree that is rotting, but these are NOT edible.  I learned from the experts about spore patterns and when its brown do not eat this mushroom.
Wild mushroom on tree

Spore pattern of tree mushroom - Not edible 

I know that many will say better to go buy them than to fall over dead but those people do underestimate my intelligence, I am not about to just pick and eat anything growing wild. I will educate myself before I choose to pick and eat any mushroom and I will cook it thoroughly as recommended by the experts. 

Remember I did not just begin my journey last week or even last year, I have been on this journey all my life and I refuse to stop till I can live off the grid, nicely and not in need, and be able to feed myself when a disaster hits or when the SHTF situation arises. 

For more about the greenhouse click here : The Greenhouse and more 

What knowledge do you have that you would share? 

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry


  1. I do hope one day you are living off the grid.

  2. Have fun with the foraging. We have teasing weather today, bright and sunny, plus all the way up to the mid 40s, but snow is coming soon enough. About the only mushrooms I'm likely to find are shaggy manes, which I love but they must be eaten soon after being picked. When I go out deer hunting, if I see any, I'll probably just bring them home and toss them in a pile of composting wood chips, so they can grow there.

  3. Awesome! I love mushrooms, although in fairness I was never brave enough to actually go looking for them.

    1. I want to learn what I can eat in the woods and what I cannot. Just like some of those pretty berries are poison some are not.

  4. I'm always a little scared of mushrooms! I don't think any of the ones in our city yard are edible...?

  5. I love mushrooms but I don't know which one is not edible that is why I just buy in the supermarket.

    1. Yes I am studying them a lot before I even think about eating one.

  6. Thais do a lot of foraging and not just mushrooms.. you never cease to amaze me with what you do and one day you will get your dream of living off the grid I am sure..

    1. Aww thank you. My dad taught me " if you want something go after it and don`t wait for someone else to help you or do it for you."

  7. You are a brave soul forraging for your own mushrooms. I'd never trust my own judgement. Sometimes I'm not sure I even trust they grocery store. lol

    The greenhouse is coming along nicely, even if it was covered wrong.

    1. Thank you.

      Tony said he seen a huge mushroom in the grocery store and wondered what it was :)