Friday, October 27, 2017

Getting Off The Grid - One Crazy Week!

October 27, 2017

The past six days have been crazy, from rain to cold and the wind! 

After getting the greenhouse plastic turned and place right, the wind blew for days and that was the test, the greenhouse did not pass this test and the back plastic came down after a couple days. And the front was blowing like a sheet in the wind. The wind also blew over the stand I had the houseplants on, so they were scattered inside.

Progress  Around the Homestead :

Spooky the cat, not helping!

Sunday after church I got busy on finishing the gate for the deck, I need one as extra protect for the cat, from dogs and coyotes. Afterwards I cleaned off the deck, loaded the plants and shelves, took them down to the greenhouse on the back of the truck. Sunday night we had a rainstorm with winds and the plastic came down on the back of the greenhouse.

Monday was a do nothing day because of a doctor appointment but Tuesday? That was the work day for me and the homestead.

First I already made the date with my friend to gather pecans so we got that done, had a blast telling stories while picking up the pecans, We picked up me a five gallon bucket full and then I am hoping my friend nearly five gallons, she had a box or two, I had an old paint bucket. BUT I did not go empty handed, I took another bag of kale and turnip greens from the garden.

Next was find the black pipe needed to make clamps as discussed in the book " How to make a greenhouse" instruction but I could not find any at Home Depot so I got the pipe at my sisters house, worked  just fine.

Wednesday morning we put the back plastic back up and used the  black pipe as clamps.

From The Garden : 

I have to say I have nothing but a little okra and just greens, however, I will say that the beets / Swiss chard is coming up as well.

The Stockpile :

After looking at the stockpile last week I decided to all more meals in a jar and not just the plain vegetable, fruit or a jar of meat. Sure I can plan meals with what I have but sometimes it nice to come on and just cook rice and grab a jar and pour it over the rice. So I have been working on that type of home canning. 

For More Click Here : Making Meals

Beans and Wieners

Sweet and sour chicken

This week I made seven pints beans and wieners and seven pints Sweet and Sour chicken. I will pop open one of the sweet and sour chicken here soon to make sure it came out right, it did not turn out pretty as I thought it would. I also canned seven more pints of white potatoes because I got an eight pound bag for $2.50 and that was cheap.

Learning :

I got the book I order but its not what I expected, if its the one I did actually order. I assumed it would be a book on mushrooms that grow wild in the Southeastern US but instead I got " A field guide to the Southeastern states" put out by The National Audubon Society. Its a good little book but it does not express "edible" on any of the few pages of mushrooms, or wild plants. Buying books online you never know what you are getting at all.

Now I am sure people are wondering what I do with all these home canned goods so soon, November, I will be linking my other blog " Cooking With Angie" to this blog so you will know how I use all this food I am canning and stockpiling, I will provide full recipes. 

Till next time....

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By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. Sorry your greenhouse didn't stand up to the wind, but you've learned. Now hopefully the black pipe clamps will keep it in place next time

    1. Another test is coming, more rain and wind!

  2. I still don't know how you get all this done. I'm hoping all that activity makes you healthier than you would be leading a sedentary life. I'm always afraid you will work yourself to death.

    1. I assure you that I am not working myself to death, I thank you for your concern. One day I hope to give up the "go to work" jobs and live free as possible.

  3. Let's hope the black pipe will stand the next test...You are amazing though the amount you get done in a week :) My last lot of beans were not great so would love your recipe as I am not giving up :)

    1. Are you talking about the baked beans, mock pork and beans?? I will write that one up and get it to you.

  4. Impressive what you accomplish in a week!

    1. Thanks, but sometimes I feel like I am slacking :)

  5. It always makes me stop, and pause as I read your posts. First off, becuase you are really doing a cool project, and secondly becuase I've been following along so long now, I feel like I am part of the daily struggle. Thanks as always for posting!

    1. In the Spring life here was a struggle, since I have added a few things to make it easier, I feel better.