Friday, June 9, 2017

Getting Off The Grid - When The Rain Stopped

A week of rain is of coarse needed but not so good for the homesteader in the Springtime of the year when not only are the vegetables growing in the garden but the grass as well.

Yesterday I was one of the first days without rain so later in the day I pulled out the push mower and got busy in the garden, YES the garden, I will not have help this year tilling so I am mowing around the plants, I did this several years ago and I did okay with that small garden and I pray this year it will be the same. I got all the rows mowed and around each plant as close as possible. 

The tomato plants are loaded with green tomatoes and the bell Pepper plants are showing me all their babies. The Jalapeno`s and sweet banana peppers are all in full bloom. The squash are looking better as well as the cucumbers, the okra is a slow grower so not much on those at the moment.

Seems the black berries are just sitting waiting for more sun, I have only been able to pick one quart so far this season, not a good year for these berries so far. 

The perennial flowers are in full bloom, The annuals, the sun flowers and Marigolds are thriving And I will separate them in a few days. 


With all the rain water sits in small natural pot holes and this raises mosquitoes and that makes another problem for being out in the garden and just the general area, getting bitten is not good with some many diseases carried by mosquitoes.

As much as I hate to I will have to use a store bought spray once again to control the mosquitoes but only around the wooded areas of the property, not near my food.  I also notified the city and they agreed to come out and spray, I am thinking they kept their word because I have noticed less mosquitoes.


For me its day three of push mowing the grass, the rider mower just wont run and I cannot wait for it to be fixed, with rain starting again next Monday I need to get as much as I can mowed. 

Day 1 - I mowed around the house doors, so to see how to get in and out safely and I mowed around all the vegetable plants. Worked two hours.

Day 2-  I mowed the front yard and half the drive way, this took three hours

Day 3 - I am about to head out the door, I plan on mowing for two hours of I feel like it three.

I am sure I will stop and pick blackberries if I see them :)

That is what is going on around the homestead, What is happening around your place?

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By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry


  1. I did not plant anything this year. Now I think it might be to late. Unless there is something that doesn't take long to grow, is there? My dryer is no longer working. So , I am hanging everything out on the clothes line again.

  2. Blackberries already? I'm still waiting for raspberries.