Sunday, May 21, 2017

Getting Off The Grid - What`s Growing On The Homestead -Vegetables And Fruits 2017

It`s the last of May and time for the plants to bloom and the seed to pop out and show me they will be giving food soon.

I started seed for tomatoes and bell pepper in the house back in January and February because I know  that here in central Alabama the last frost comes early and I can get the plants in the garden area and producing for me sooner than some.

I slacked way back this year on what I sowed seed for because I will not be able to handle the entire field full of produce to home can, freeze and just eat and enjoy. I do not have a root cellar, yet.

About two weeks ago I bought tomato cages when I noticed the plants blooming and getting leggy. 

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And this is what the tomatoes are doing now, its amazing that in just a few weeks the plants are already giving me tomatoes.

The yellow squash and the zucchini squash are both getting their second leaves, the ruffles. What many do not know if that most spring squash grow very fast! And in just a couple more weeks I should have those vegetables to enjoy.

The cucumbers have popped up and as you can see they have their small round leaved with the ruffle edge beginning to show, this year because I have a tight planted garden I may make a small fence to allow the cucumbers to run up and on, just so they do not invade the other plants.

And the best for last. Yes I do love my okra. It was planted last week and now they are popping up, okra grows slower than most all of the other vegetables and I will have a summer crop all the way till the first freeze. But okra is well worth the wait to me.

A few weeks ago I mowed over the "greens" bed, it was strange how they grew. They were planted late last fall but the drought kept them from coming up, in December we began to get rain again and they came up and grew ever so slow all winter, I only got a couple meals and then in spring they bloomed and went to seed, well there were huge turnips so I left one spot for the fresh harvest of those. 

I guess God wanted me to have more kale so it came back with not one insect on it. I picked a small mess and I am having it for dinner today.

I will always express how wonderful it is to walk outside and pick dinner fresh out of the yard. 

What else is in the garden? Jalapeno peppers, sweet banana peppers, sweet green bell peppers and eggplant that are still growing, some with blooms. 

This year, if its Gods will, I will made and stock up home canned pickled peppers, squash relish, pickled okra and all types of pickles. Ketchup, tomato sauce and spaghetti sauce besides stewed tomatoes.

What is your plan for the vegetables and fruits in your garden?

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry


  1. I haven't been able to work in my garden this year and I really miss it. Love looking at your sprouts!

    1. Thank you. I will keep you update as they grow.

      Maybe soon you`ll be able to garden.

  2. My strawberries are having a second wind and throwing out runners, my herbs are doing well and I have just planted 6 Papaya trees so they should fruit in a couple months they grow very quick here. My curry trees are getting quite big now so will have to repot soon they seem to like the spot they are in. My fish babies we have too many so will have to give some away as they have just bred like mad.I have planted some tumeric and have another advacado to plant my first one is doing really Thats about it for me but it sounds like you should have quite a lot to harvest and can this year :)

    1. You got a lot going on too. I hope we both have a wondeful harvest.

  3. Lucky you, it is now just getting warm enough to plant outside, here. Lucky for me as my squash seedlings are quickly outgrowing their starter containers!

    1. I never started squash in containers. Well hot is headed your way sooner than later.

  4. Great selection ! weather not ready for planting yet here :(

  5. You have a nice garden going.