Thursday, June 29, 2017

Getting Off The Grid - Mowing My Way Out

June 29, 2017

On Monday came the sunshine and my push mower, around mid day I figured the grass was a little drier so I ran the extension cord down to the dead riding mower, hooked up and plugged in the charger and went to work with the push mower. 

I had no choice but to mow myself out of this house! The grass was so high at the back door you would get grass seeds on your legs when walking to the car. Next I went to each of the dogs sections of the yard, mowed the area around each, by this time the rider was fully charged and Tony went to mowing, he got quite a bit done before getting stuck in the hidden mud and water hole in the fields, the mower would not crank back up but I pulled it out of the mud.

Wednesday I got at the mowing again, this time I got the backyard and the garden. Yes! I have to mow the grass down in the garden especially since all the rain. Although I only got about an acre mowed it is better than none at all.

Since the sun had dried up some of the garden area the plants are trying to recover, I am getting the tomatoes that are prematurely ripening but that is the cause of pests. 

I have gotten a few jalapeno peppers and sweet banana pepper as well as  a couple more bell peppers. 

And it seems the cucumber plants were not bothered by the rain because they love water, I did get one cucumber and I hope all the blooms turns into cukes for me.

As for the may pops ( passion flowers) they do love this weather and are in full bloom! Watching these flowers change daily is a sight to see. Later in a couple months the seed pods ( How they got the nickname may pops) will be full and sweet, ready to eat.

The fig bush is turning into a tree and its loaded and if its Gods will I will get a nice harvest of figs this year. 

Breaking News : 

The greenhouse talk had been back into the weekly conversation around here and the new location for the greenhouse is really ideal, full sun with no trees, Plus I am sure I have materials in the bone yard, meaning it will not be a plastic greenhouse but one of wood, glass and a roof.

After I get the grass under control I will begin clearing this area and hopefully it will be easy since its mostly blackberry vines and poison ivy that was/ is going to be killed anyways.

Oh yeah the blackberries, the rain beat the rest off the vines so I am glad I picked when I did. 

How is life at your place?

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry


  1. Life has been crazy. I was able to get a garden put in containers. I put tomatoes out in the front garden bed. I received a compliment on it today that made me feel good. I think I want to buy different paints to paint my frogs statues out front. The weather has got to them. i want to brighten them up. Add color. Its a goal of mine to have done by the end of summer.

    1. My experience with outside figures in the garden is spray paint hold up best for me.

      Cant wait to see photos of the tomatoes.

  2. I'd love a greenhouse! keep us posted..

  3. The garden here is loving the high 80s to 100 degree weather, with drenching rains about once a week. The tomatoes are setting fruit, though the cucumbers, cantaloupes, squash, and pumpkins aren't large enough to even bloom yet. Ditto with the eggplants and I just planted the green beans. It won't take long, with the hot temps, for everything to catch up.

    I did discover four volunteer cucurbits, but don't know yet if they are zucchinis, pumpkins, or other squash yet. Two of them could even be cucumbers. I also found that two of the tiny blackberries I planted are growing, so I'm pleased with that.

    Speaking of which, your blackberries will likely recover and bear more fruit yet. Once they are established, they are extremely hardy.

    1. No the blackberries have gone wild, they have a season and that is it.

      I have a few plants come up from the old compost pile.

  4. I like to call my life, that of bound to an HOA. In that, you don't have a garden. Just outside our neighborhood there are gardens, but not in our neighborhood.

  5. It is in the 90's here and is gong to stay this way for sometime. Moving is done in morning before the heat gets too bad.

    1. I am usually working with Tony in the mornings, the feeding and medications etc.