Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Stock Now Enjoy Later - Getting Off The Grid

I don`t know what I am doing but I am learning, from books and people, how to get off the grid. I intend to get off the power grid, maybe have well water and try my best to grow and home can as much of my food as I am able to. Be more self sufficient. 

One thing I did do last year and I was glad I did is when the fish came in the front door I made sure I put them in the deep freezer. Some in the back so they were for later, I did this each time and I had fish all winter and into springtime. I always wrote on the freezer bag the date and where they were caught.

Now its time to restock but this year its not the two men going out after them its me and one sick man. 

Although I do know how to fish I am more of the gatherer, I prefer to work with the plants and dirt but this year I do not have a choice, if I want fish in stock I have to get out and catch them myself and work with the vegetable and fruit plants.

Knowing when to go fishing for stocking the freezer is what its all about, I will not wait till Summer or fall ( the last minute!) I am starting now because I know what I can catch this time of the year with little effort. 

Bream/sunfish are at their best right now, breeding and hanging out in the shallows and big! Most people catch the small bream all year long but there is a window of when the big ones come up and run the small fish away. The two in the photo above fill a dinner plate, Now that is big!

On May 14th we went to a lake up in the mountains that I have fished in hundreds of times through out my entire life, maybe thousands. Its a lake that only allows paddle or trolley motor, we own paddles and a flat bottom boat (some people call them Jon boats) and you must have a permit in addition to your fishing license.

It was late when we arrived but I knew we only needed a few hours to get the fishing stock started. Within two hours we had 25 keepers and we tossed the small fish, a couple of monsters got away but all in all we had a good fishing trip.

It was dark when I got home and I will say that the first time in a boat in years did give me a back ache, so I washed up the fish and put them in cold water, into the fridge they went till morning so I could see how to clean them.

On Monday morning I cleaned the fish first thing and put them in the deep freezer, since the bream are so big four will make a meal for two, the smaller ones went into a freezer bag but there were only eight smaller bream. I got five meals for two. 

Not bad and I still have red worms left over.

And that is how I spent my Sunday and I may go back a couple more times for the best tasting fish ever. Most people are spoiled to filleted fish, not me, I can pick the wonderful flaky fish right off the bone.

Do you stock up on fresh water fish? 

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By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry


  1. Yes we do and I also have hundreds in my pond they are breeding like rabbits..lol..so many babies... So will have to try and get rid of a few so you can come fish here if you like :) No permit or boat required :)

  2. I love to fish. I haven't fishing in a very long time.

    1. Sometimes its relaxing, sometimes its like work when you catch a lot.

    2. Yes, I do remember. Last time I went fishing was in Florida. I always like the relaxing part. I always threw the fish back in because I am not very good at cleaning them.

  3. I love fishing, these days I only get to go once or twice a year.

    1. That was how my life was, now I am doing double duty, fishing and giving physical therapy

  4. I stock up saltwater and shell fish since this is ocean country.