Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Caged The Tomatoes And Sowing Seed - Getting Off The Grid

The first week of may just passed by and I am way behind on the grass mowing. All of the two acres needs mowing again but the back field is the highest and will more than likely get the mower first, if its Gods will I will get it all mowed this week.

Since the drought of 2016 I am not planting the fields like I once did and I`m looking for my way here, seems I am lost again, since the drought took most all of the crops I do not want a repeat of that. But I will always have a tomato plant or 36 growing no matter where I live, its in my blood to grow me some type of food.

The tomatoes are blooming and since I am for the most part dealing with everything alone this year I bought tomato cages instead of sticks and tying them up, I have a few around here somewhere, I just cannot find them but I bought 36 this past weekend and I caged all but a few of the tomatoes, Tony helped a little and did a dozen. This investment will last for so many years so I do not feel like spending this money was wasteful at all.

Last week I also sowed  the seed for 1/2 row of yellow squash and zucchini. I have no more plans for any type of squash. Lets say its not my favorite and I still have plenty in the deep freezer.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week is idea by the old farmers almanac to sow seeds and transplant plants. I am going to try my best to get the garden planted, all of it that I will tend this summer, it will be a serious downsize but that is okay, I really need a lot of tomatoes for all the sauces I plan to make and that is about it.

 I am going to sow flower seed and transplant flower plants too, I seen a few passion flower vines coming up in the grass and I intend on digging those up and making a hanging basket, the flowers are so beautiful and the fruit is so sweet and delicious. I may even divide the basil, but they are still so small.

However, I do have baby bell pepper plants and I do have one eggplant but they are tiny and it will be a month or more before they get big enough for the garden. I just finished hardened them off and put them out in full sun Saturday.

I checked out all the blackberries and so far looking good! I am praying for them to be plump and juicy this year. I need to home can as many as possible in light syrup, harvest leaves for teas and make jelly and jam, my stockpile is down, way down and I like my blackberries.

I have to buy the dog feeder, I want to teach them to feed themselves when they are hungry and all I have to do is fill the feeder. I need get the fence up at the far end of the property so the dogs can run free again, both have learned to escape the old fence and its not safe for them to run loose, not even at home :( With this fence I will have more freedom for me, like it is I walk the dogs so they have freedom and its not fair to them.

I have a full week ahead of me working on the homestead and working out in the world for that old thing called money but its all worth it. God provides and I will take when he is giving.

How about you? Got your garden started? Whats blooming in your area?

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry


  1. I'm a wee bit envious of your weather and crop planting. We still have freezing temps here! Awaiting planting season :)

    1. OH NO! I am sorry. Move down here, gets warm faster and we have bigger mosquitoes.

  2. It's looking good. Here in Jersey people are just starting to plant.