Friday, June 17, 2016

Zucchini Dill Pickles / Orange Zucchini Jam - Getting Off The Grid - Use What You Get

I can`t be sure when I will get off the grid but I am headed that way, so I am learning as I go about getting off the grid and how to use what I get. Got zucchini? Make Zucchini dill pickles and orange zucchini jam!

When I refer to "what I get" I am meaning what I am raising for food in the huge garden. Sure I want to pack it will one hundred different plants but I did not, I planted what I knew I could make more than one thing with, for instance tomatoes. 

I know I can home can whole or chopped tomatoes, make salsa and spaghetti sauce, ketchup or just simply eat them raw in a salad ot sandwich.

Another big plus is that people ask me for tomatoes, they want to buy them.

At this moment I am being blessed by God with yellow squash and zucchini so I am home canning many different jams, pickle and relishes. Last night I make ten pints of kosher dill zucchini pickles and eight half pints of orange zucchini jam (see recipe below) . I also use coupons to buy the sugar, vinegar and canning jars and I grow many of my own herbs so that the cost is minimal.

Another big plus is that people love any squash! They want to buy it. 

Today I sold another box filled with yellow squash and zucchini squash and I still have more on the plants and more to freeze and can.

But the rule around here is to share food too, with those that cannot pay for fresh produce. Being that I sold to two people today I will share with two people, So I stopped by the elderly mans house that has the pear trees and asked him if he wanted any and he said " No thank you, I don`t cook much but you are welcome to come back in a month and get all the apples and pears you want." I will cook for this man! One day I will call before I do and then drop off a plate of cooked squash and more. I also left a message to see if this other lady would like a mess for her family. 

I have an order for next Thursday already for squash and three orders for when tomatoes are red..

I have made my seed money back already and I have not saved anything from the sale of the produce, yet, but I did buy grapes and onions, bread and what I needed most was my Diabetes testing supplies.

So I can see how I can make money from this land to pay for things I do need in life.

How about you? Are you off the grid? Do you sell what you grow to make money?

Zucchini dill pickles

I used the recipe on the back of " Mrs. Wages dill pickle mix" and they turned out perfect.

Orange Zucchini jam

Use same recipe for "Pineapple zucchini jam" except exchange the pineapple Jello for orange Jello. Here is the link :

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. Oh, have you tasted the jam yet? I was wondering how it would turn out with orange or lemon jello....

    I'm so pleased that you're making money selling fresh produce, and that you can afford to give some to neighbours. Have you thought about selling any of the jams or pickles? I'll bet you could get $5/jar for them.

    1. Yes I have tasted and they are awesome! But I have to say the lemon is not as lemon as I had hopped.

      I will try to sell this year.

  2. Who knew all the different recipes that can be made with zucchini.

    1. I know! But hey will a little talking, or typing, we learn so much.