Saturday, June 25, 2016

Getting Off The Grid - Around Dark Thirty

Back in the older days there is an old saying called "it`s dark thirty," meaning that it`s dusk, not dark and not still daylight. While making the transition of getting off the grid I am known for working around dark. 

For the most part of why I like to work this time of day is because this is the time of the day when the 100°F  temps have cooled back as the sun has set. Setting out plants into the garden is one chore, while pulling back grass and weeds is another.

I tend to make sure, when there has been to rain, to get plants watered and sometimes its still not enough but when I do the watered this time of the day the plants get more than will evaporate if watered early morning. I will only water a plant in the middle of the day if its so dry that it can`t make it through that day.

For the past few days I have made it a habit to get out to the vegetable garden morning and night. I have been picking early and doing the other necessary work late. 

Living here in central Alabama we can have more than one vegetable garden before frost hits in late fall or early winter, I had sown seed for Jalapeno peppers and egg plant, I set those out in an unused space in the garden just a couple days ago and I plan to get another crop of tomatoes going, possibly more yellow squash. Since the cucumbers are in full bloom and I am getting enough to eat, but not enough to home can pickles, I have decided to do a few more plants by the deck and make a trellis for those to run up, instead of running across the ground.

Today I sow the seed for more cucumbers.

I try not to use city water to water the vegetable garden but I don`t have a choice right now because I don`t have rain barrels or a well. Seems as though we are only getting rain, in this month of June, once a week. I watered one half of the garden around dark thirty yesterday and this morning I can see the difference, it was a welcoming drink for those plants. The plants that did not receive water is the corn and okra. As much as the cucumbers needed the water I just could not reach that area with the hose, another problem because they love water but it was not my plan to have them so far from a water source, I had hired help that day.

Now how is the vegetable garden doing as far as producing food? 

I have put away enough yellow squash and zucchini for myself for the winter by freezing and home canning.

I have been able to sell enough yellow squash and zucchini to make my money back for the seeds for the entire garden and I still have seed, and to pay for the dirt I bought to sow some of those seeds inside, Plus more and I still have orders to fill next week.

I have all sizes of red and green tomatoes that we are eating and not buying, however, I am waiting for a mass amount to be red so that I can home can those, make salsa for sure. People are asking to buy tomatoes but I am not sure I will have enough to sell.

I have cucumbers so that is another favorite I am not longer buying for daily eating.

I have green bell peppers and sweet banana peppers, enough to rat and to begin to put up  for later, canning.

I am beginning to get a small amount of okra but I am not sure this crop will make it, its poorly looking and very short. I know it was not planted under a good sign. I make replant the okra.

The deer ate most of the green beans but I still may get a few more to make a mess for dinner, the plants they skipped.

The peaches? The trees are full but because the lack of water this month they are small and I might just have to have a stock of home canned pickled peaches this year, last year the peaches were huge.

The Muscadines are filling up regardless of the rain situation, hopefully I will have those to harvest in August.

How about you? what is growing in your garden and how are you putting it away for  the winter?

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry


  1. I was able to plant in my front flower bed. Not many things. The tomatoes are starting to grow.

    Question : Is it better to water a garden in the morning or evening?

    I have always watered in the evening after the sun starts going down. My boyfriend argues saying it is better in the morning to water plants or a garden.

    1. Some say the morning but I have always watered the pants in the late evening. I usually always have a successful garden, so.....

  2. I was never much of a gardener. Mrs Kasman takes care of all that but her health isn't as good as it was and sadly she isn't able to do much anymore.

    1. I want to use raised beds but it will cost more money to buy the materials instead of just plowing the field up, but I am sure I could mange the crop better with raised beds.

  3. I love peaches, I would use the to make peach cobbler.

    1. They are small but I intend to can them regardless. cobbler will be made for sure!

  4. I remember when you first starting your garden, look at it now! I love following your progress through your blog. Everything looks delicious.

    1. Thank you, it has grown and the squash plants are almost spent and will be pulled up for new ones.

  5. I'd love to live where you can plant a few harvests , we are lucky to squeeze one in ...

    1. I cannot image living anywhere colder than here.