Thursday, June 23, 2016

Before Noon - The Homestead

Besides saving money by getting off the grid with solar power ( has yet to come, but will sooner than later) I will also utilize the land I am living on, there are so many little things that people do not realize that is free or close to free. Today I had to work before noon, on what I will call my home, the homestead. I am not really a morning person but I still have to work out in the world and today I am called for duty in the afternoon/ evening hours, meaning what I usually do in the evening I bumped up to the morning hours.

After I turned on the coffee maker I drained and rinsed the pinto beans I had soaking over night in water. I put them on to cook. I have been wanting chili and we all know that the store bought canned chili is full of fats and unwanted additives so I am making my own and home canning it. 

Since the sun if free I washed a large load of laundry and hung those out by nine am.

So while the beans are cooking and the laundry is being sun dried I went to pick blackberries, a few days ago a man asked if he could pick some and I said yes and I told him I would not pick them for a couple days, on day three he has not shown up so I am picking. After 45 minutes I came back inside with three quarts of blackberries.

I cut up onions and bell pepper and added that to my chili with sliced mushrooms and all the spices. I added pre cooked ground turkey, covered and allowed to cook more.

I went out to the garden and I began to pick the daily vegetables. After another 45 minutes I headed back inside with a bucket filled with zucchini and yellow squash, red and turning red tomatoes. I spent $30 on seed this year, I used half and I still have half of those seed. I have sold enough vegetables to get that money back already and its just June. 

The chili is now done so I fill my pint jars and I put those into the pressure canner, I wash the berries and put those away in ziploc bags for now in the freezer. And I wash all my dirty dishes up.

I put on dinner because it will be an early dinner since I wont be at home at that time of the evening. I have to feed two people. Steak with home fries and sliced cucumber and tomatoes. (yes I am having meat today, I do on occasion have a little beef.)

I went out to the clothes line and I folded the sun dried laundry and put it into the laundry basket. 

I went out to the back yard and fed and watered the dogs and petting them.

I sat down and made a few calls, I need to sell more squash. I got two replies " come next Tuesday."  I get to eat now.

The canner is cooling down as I eat lunch/ dinner. 

Now I rest a few minutes, take a quick shower, check the oil in my car ( yes my dad taught me how many moons ago) and head off to work.

How was your morning?

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry - Todays garden pickin`s! 6-23-16


  1. My morning has been pretty relaxing. We have a storm coming through. Internet keeps kicking on and off all day. Not sure if is due to storm or what. It gets pretty annoying when I am trying to do something.

  2. you had a very busy morning. I have been busy doing housework.

    1. I am guessing house work will come this Saturday.

  3. I'm amazed at how great your crops look! It got so hot down here, our garden didn't do too well but I was able to get some peppers to freeze and the eggplant are just about ready.

    1. I planted eggplants in the garden just a couple days ago, I had grown those late from seed.

  4. You had a produtive morning.

    My morning consisted of me waiting on it to be time to go to work.

    I'm glad your crops are doing so well for you. If you've already sold enough to make back for the seeds, you have nothing but profit (and your own food of course) to go.

    1. Yes and that was the main goal, but I have a few more people to sell to next week. I am squash POOR!

  5. You are always busy Angie. I really learn a lot from you. I am glad your crops are going well. You can´t only consume them yourself but earn money as well. Have a good Friday. Take care.

  6. Thank you Thelma. I do stay busy. You have a wonderful Friday also.

  7. Been up since 4. Lined the flower bed with cement bricks while having my morning coffee. Nice and neat if I say so myself. Went to pick up free pots compliments of a FB yard sale group. The dog wants me now.