Thursday, January 25, 2018

Getting Off The Grid - Last Week Of January

I can`t say that I will miss January, for some people January means a fresh and new start, to me it just means unpredictable weather and Winter. A month that either you start seed inside or have nothing to do, after all it does not take a month to plan the Spring/ Summer garden.

The most depressing event I encountered in the past few days was the opening of the monthly power bill. It is extremely expensive! With the weather being so cold the heat was on a lot. After all 9° is not normal for central Alabama, especially not a couple weeks. 

So ...... The discussion for my homestead is now going to " how to better heat this home." I will do the power bill winter pile up and see how much power we use and go from there, see if propane would be cheaper or should I just began to chop wood all Summer. I would love to do the wood but I am not so sure Tony can handle that with his bad lungs. What I do need is a very nice solar system.

On The Homestead :

There is not much going at the moment here but I have been bring on some help. 
Tree limbs down by my uncle tractor.

Help from downed trees that is, a form of heat if need be. A couple months ago it got bad here and we had no power for days, that meant no heat.

More About no heat click here : Off The Grid Two Days

I have not cut any trees on the homestead just yet because I have several downed on other property that had to be cut and removed.

Big logs left behind

Yesterday we worked on those, well one, and I have two more to cut and remove.

I am bringing the wood home and stacking it for future use. It was cut in small lengths so that it fits in the fireplace, and they are small so I do not think this one will need chopping. No sense in letting it just go to waste.

For The Garden :

Bell pepper to the left and tomato to the right

I managed to get another good planting day, according to the moon phases, to re-pot the rest of the tomatoes. I have nine tomato plants and six sweet green bell pepper plants.

Since it takes a very long time to place seed in the ground and for fruits to come on eggplants,  I sowed seed for eggplants " Black beauty" are my favorite. If its Gods will, I will have many plants and not get stuck paying $3.50 per plant.

I also sowed seed for Cabbage. If its gods will once again, I will have my own cabbage plants to set out before the Spring tender plants go in. Cabbage can take the cooler weather.

new seed .25 per pack!

I also picked up more seed while at another dollar tree. 

Stockpile :

Nothing this week at all. Just enjoying the fruits of my labor of the past year.

Learning : 

Since the rainy season is here I have began to see more and more mushrooms.

If I have my camera with me I do snap photos so that I can identify them when I get home or near the computer.

While at work Yesterday I see these growing on a rotten stump. I am not sure but they do look like oyster mushrooms. I will not harvest any till I am sure.

February is near and so is Spring :)

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

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  1. I can't believe you are planting! We are under snow still :( - love the dollar tree deals!

    1. I have started seed inside, soon I can plant them outside. I am glad snow is rare here.

  2. I love the journey - keep on pushing forward! You will get to where you want to be!

  3. Looks like you will have some nice logs for fires...Nice to see you planting already you have got a good variety of seeds...My potatoes are growing nicely so hopefully I will get some new ones which I love :)

    1. I think I will try potatoes too, I have never tried to grow them.

  4. Your weather must be better than mine. I started to get my portable greenhouse ready for planting, but would like to bring it outdoors, but still too cold and need a heater. You have a great variety of seeds. Best of luck to you and hope your weather stays mild.

    1. I hope it stays this warm too but it wont. I have started many seed inside.

  5. Your plants are looking great! I'm in the thinking process of what I will have in my garden. Looking forward to planting soon!