Saturday, January 13, 2018

Getting Off The Grid - Be A Dreamer

I think dreams are born within us so that they can and will come full circle. I also believe that by speaking that dream over your life out loud that it will come true.

While most of the people around me know that I have always been the one to create my own work, businesses, I am often told I should go into this or that type of work, or open a new business, the problem with all those suggestions I do all th work.

Getting of the grid is about me lessening my work load out in the world, not having to make more and more money to have electricity, water and food, the things everyone needs to live, not creating a new way to make money that pulls my time away from my homestead.

Instead I want to make the homestead my full time job. Use the skills I have already and make money with those skills right here at home. 

As I was driving back home on the interstate chatting with my riding companion I mentioned that I wanted to work from home. He asked  " doing what?" I  replied, " I home can jams and jellies, I am  about to get into soap making, I am learning to tap trees for syrup and I had talked to a man at the Co-op about honey bees for honey, I also want to start back quilting and sell those as well, I can set up a small building to sell all these products." Those were just a few things off the top of my head I can do to make money. 

He agreed I could make some money from those services but maybe not enough to make a living like I have to now on the grid. I reminded him, spend less need less money.

While I buy a business license yearly already, I would also have to invite the health department into my home for a inspection and I am fine by that. Or I can set up the jelly making inside the small building and that would be inspected.

Am I a dreamer or what?

Progress Around The Homestead :

We are having crazy weird weather this year where the temperatures are all over the place, one week in the upper 60`s and 70° to day time highs not even making it to 32° and night time lows in the teens. Rain and then dry and next snow and gusting winds.

With that being said, dreaming and planning is all I can do.

Reading. I read and do my research on things I want to try to see if its feasible in my area.

From the garden :

I have nothing growing outside at all but I am still growing inside, well I still have to cold bitten collars and kale, it is possible for them to bounce back, it has happened before.

I sowed seed for tomato plants and bell pepper, they are growing nicely and it was time for them to get a pot each, so I took a couple hours and I did just that. Although I did not finish all of them, I did get the largest a big pot alone. I also transplanted small basil plants.

The Stockpile :

I have not added anything to the stockpile in several weeks. I am using the stockpile of coarse but I am not low on anything, nor do I feel the need to shop the farmers market or the grocery for cheap produce or meats to home can.                                                          

Learning : 

As I stated above I am just reading and using the internet to do research. About what I already have here on the property and what I might like to add to the property. Some plants and trees do better in different zones than in mine, I am zone 8, so I seek plants and trees that thrive here. I also need to know what types of soil each requires, Some like dry and some like soppy wet.

I know each season has its purpose and I am sure that the Winter is for me to rest my body and let my mind run wild with the possibilities of the coming growing season and what I can do on my homestead.

How are things on your homestead?

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry

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  1. Andria, you need to offer classes/workshops on canning, soap making, etc. That's where the money is.

  2. Yes! I second what Irenen1 said. Offer classes!

  3. This is brilliant and inspiring - you turned a dream and something you were good at into a little business. Super!

  4. Very inspiring, I agree, think about starting classes. You could even set up something online.

    1. Thank you. It would have to be later, maybe Springtime

  5. We have baby Turkeys and churks,a house going up and for you Andria if you can dream you can do it! I agree classes as was suggested above :)Go for it! :)

    1. How many does that make now? I really want chicken!

      I do think I will look into teaching a few classes.

  6. You continue to drive and that is the most important thing!!!!!!!

  7. Love the idea of classes! We are sliding out of ICE and still in the deep freeze... I thought of you and the water last year ... keeping our water dripping !

    1. Yes it did freeze and it was bad going to the bathroom out in the woods! :/ I have been running my water every night, will be all week again.

  8. Zero degrees this water dripping, all lines drained! Walked to work, and the door to the building where I'd stored the computer had frozen shut; took about 15 minutes to pick ice out of the doorknob with the key, then another 10 minutes to crack the ice around the door jamb and open the door.

    It's almost enough to make a person wish they lived in Alabama...

    1. Listening to your struggle is enough for me to stay here! Stay safe and warm.

  9. I say to keep that dream alive. I don't think I knew that you also quilt?
    My dream is an actual store too---second hand, thrift, whatever you want to call it. It would be a family business as we all have more than plenty to keep a shop stocked just in our homes now! However, I want it to also include a new section of the store where I would have my crafts as well as take consignments, but also when running across good deals on things we can resell as well.

    I have been dreaming of this for years, just not sure how I can ever have the money to actually get in to a store, plus buy fixtures, cash register etc......There are 2 building available for sale right now that would be perfect---makes me sad to not be able to make the dream a reality.

    1. Put the word out about what you want to do, locally. Never know who will help. God works in mysterious ways.