Friday, June 8, 2018

Getting Off The Grid - Living A Double Life

The double life means I am half way in between two worlds,The world of off the grid ans free and the world of go buy it and forget about using what is free. 

Some days its hard to not just give up and move back to the city and live paycheck to paycheck. To forget about all the work involved in growing, the back pain and bug bites.

Then I taste something you cannot buy, something I made that no one makes, and I think " I got something no one else has, I can survive if I ever have to, alone, with my knowledge."

The Homestead :

I look out the window and I often wonder how did I get here? Then I remember I prayed about it and that is how I got here. 

The work is continuous. The grass is always in the garden and the plants share the space.

I still have to get the dogs another area fixed with fencing, Its getting hotter by the day and they need the complete shade. I am sure the cay will not like them getting closer to his area.

The Garden :

Yes this time of the year is all about the garden! I am excited to say that the second round of tomato plants are now blooming. The first round is still giving small tomatoes and hanging in there. The third round of tomato plants are ready to be re-potted, I did many of them but its a big job and will take a lot of time, I will get there.

The bell pepper has babies. The eggplants look better but still are struggling in the garden.

All the okra, squash and cucumbers are growing well, even in the grass.

I have some of the herbs I planted coming up, I am sure its parsley even though the marked got blown away.

I have began to gather blackberries, a half pint or pint at a time.

I also gathered more chamomile blooms and honeysuckle. 

The stockpile :

I have not made anything the past week for the stockpile, however, I have bought more 1/2 pint canning jars, since $2.00 coupons are out and a dear friend have me plenty. Just over $3 a case is awesome for jars.

But I did go fishing, had a meal and froze a meal. I guess that counts. I intend on filling the deep freezer with more fish, however, I would live to learn how to preserve fish by drying or canning. 

Click here to learn : How to clean bream  

The Learning :

With all the rain I have seen many new mushrooms that I do not know. I take a picture and I watch for the spore pattern, of its dark never eat those. I did not get to see the pattern because I forgot it outside and the wind blew it on the ground. I have seen many "no no`s" like the red mushrooms and the solid white death angels that I look at but I don`t touch.

The thing with mushrooms they are here one day and gone the next. This makes it hard to identify which is which.

What do I need to learn? besides how to preserve fish, How to manage kudzu! This evil vine is taking over a piece of land. No not here at the homestead, thank God!

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry


  1. Where did you get canning jars for such a low price? I would love to buy some!

    1. A local small grocery store, they are $5 and I used the $2 coupon.

  2. After apple, blackberry pie was the first I baked on my own from scratch using berries I foraged. What was I, 10 maybe?

    1. I have always picked berries too. I was the weird kid in my house. Although both parents grew plants.

  3. Nice. IT only matters what you think here A! You are truly working towards a noble goal!

  4. It looks more like you have a triple life!! What great garden and love all the fish!!

  5. Your life is very interesting to me. You work hard and you enjoy what you are doing. It doesn't matter how many lives you have. Lovely photos.

  6. Supposedly if you dig, dry, and powder kudzu root, it works like cornstarch in cooked food and may also lower blood pressure. I've never tried.

    1. Hmm, I will have to research this, if so I will be rich, lol.