Monday, April 23, 2018

Getting Off The Grid - The Waiting

The Winter and Spring are times to wait. I have to wait till the ground is a certain temp before I plant the tomatoes. I have to make sure that most of the cold fronts that send down icy temps have passed. 

I have been playing the waiting game.

Its April the 23rd and I began to "think" I can get this moving along a bit more.

The flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. 

The Homestead :

For a couple of weeks I have been taming the grass around the house as well as the fields, cutting out paths to the blackberry bushes and cleaning up the dogs area as well. The new growth of poison oak is out and I have to destroy that before I go any further with the new section for the dogs.

The blackberries are in full bloom and so the olden folks call this time of the year blackberry winter since it can get very cold at night.

Since the wind destroyed the greenhouse, well not destroyed but blew the plastic off, I did manage to get out before the rain came and remove the plastic altogether, roll it up for the next try at it. But no time soon I am afraid, time and energy are sparse. 

The Garden :

I have  been tending to the baby plants I have inside the house, I have three stages and the first was planted in the flower beds around the deck, they have tomatoes and are looking good, I have had to cover them more than once to keep them warm. 

The next tomato plants are just about at the stage to re-pot.

I finally got the eggplants separated and into their own pot. I did the next level of bell peppers as well.

The cabbage are very leggy but I hope to try and get a few heads before summer.

I am hardening all the vegetable plants off this week, since its supposed to be light rain and cloudy I think its the best time. After all I will be planting the fields in May.

The stockpile :

I have not done anything as far as stockpiling, just the opposite, I have been eating the stockpile. I ran out of homemade veggie soup this past weekend. Time to get busy!

The Learning :

I have learned to use the solar power, a little, so I am not totally freaked out. I have checked out more things to add to this one, so I can add panels as I buy them. I am not good at remembering the names of these things, I must write them down but I know what they look like :)

I will have to find another place to put the panels so I can have a dry place for the things that need to stay dry, maybe on top of the shed? I am not sure at this point, its just the beginning. 

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry

Get ready for any situation! from having a fire starter to clean water. Storing up seeds for a hard time to having food year round. Prepare now, be happy about this later.

 Getting started is not that hard and how life is nowadays its so easy to order what you want online and have it delivered at your front door. Why wait? Even if its just night lighting for the summer, its free power! Solar lanterns  are the way to go!

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  1. I am glad the winter is over. It´s time for gardening again. I still have to fly to my tropical garden Angie, soon.

    1. Yes I am as well. I look forward to photos of your garden.

  2. Your journey continues to inspire! Keep on rolling!!!

  3. It's still too cold here at night. I did do some planting and I bring them inside at night.

    1. This week is the first with night time lows around 50 degrees.