Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Getting Off The Grid - Win Some Lose Some

It had been over 10 days since I wrote about my journey and in 10 days a lot can happen or not much.

Last week the cold set in for my part of the state of Alabama, Warm days and cold nights. With that being said I am learning as I go where the greenhouse is concerned.

I did the barrels as I understood and things were looking good till the night of the first hard freeze at 29 degrees . What I did not know about was the humidity in the greenhouse and that it will freeze the plants, or blister their leaves. I went down to check on the plants and I seen many of the dead! I was in shock so I did what I would usually do and research the problem. 

I found out that I need to let my heated greenhouse air out daily, even if it is cold outside. The heat needs to "dry" out so there is no condensation inside.

With that being learned I am now at the greenhouse daily, twice a day to be exact.

But it, the freezing of the condensation did not kill all the plants, some are beginning to sprout back out, I also find it amazing I can open the greenhouse daily, even when cold and it not lose all of its heat needed for the night. 

Progress Around The Homestead :

I got a load of pots taken down to the greenhouse and a couple bags of the compost/ manure/ potting soil that was stored under the deck.

I filled six of the recycled cottage cheese plastic containers with potting soil and brought them back to the house with me. I planted three of those with bell pepper seed and three with tomato seed. I can watch them better in my house and I can take them out later to live in the greenhouse.

The dogs are now in part of the backyard and free to run freely but under the guidance of the electric fence. Roscoe is not happy but Harley is. I am hoping this coming week we can get the rest of the back yard finished with the electric fencing so they will have more room and Roscoe will be happy.

Sunday I took a few hours and removed more of the brush, I think one more days work and I will have that section cleared, I would like the entire backyard cleaned before I put the rest of the electric fence up. I am sure Roscoe will be happier when he can see the back door. 

From the Garden :

All I have growing is the greens and that is all I picked.

The Stockpile : 

I did pick greens a few times. After I washed them I would freeze them till I got enough to home can. I got six pints this time and maybe the next time I will filled the canner full with seven pints.

Learning :

I am always learning and do research about how to live as free as possible. I want to know as many tricks of th trade as possible.

I recycle items like butter bowls and mushroom carton, even mayo and peanut butter jars, to reuse growing plants in or storing seeds.

I discovered one valuable thing to know, to Treat AFIB with vitamin C, I began to give Tony vitamin C and he had not had another episode of AFIB since. I have always thought that todays illnesses were related to vitamin deficiency.

Life is strange but I have always know that God has provided us with everything we need, we just have to figure it out and apply it to life.

Now that I am gardening, maybe year round, now that I have learned to pressure can foods for a shelf life, now that I know I can build anything I need, Its time to look at solar power, even if the first step is small. We all have to start somewhere. 

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

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  1. You're getting a lot done! I reuse containers, myself. The weather here in Jersey has been crazy very cold at night but it warm up during the day.

  2. You remind me how much I still need to do in my little garden! I have to get that stuff done while the snow has subsided for a bit.

  3. Who knew about greenhouses! Sounds like the plants are trying to come back... always something on the learning curve -

  4. I miss your posts thanks for popping back up! My father was a huge greenhouse fan, he had one attached to the house for many years.

    1. My mom had one too but it was different than mine.

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  6. I always enjoy reading about your gardening and canning.

  7. Good tips on the greenhouse, I found that I need to open the doors daily even if it is cold outside...like you I am in the greenhouse daily. I really enjoy reading your off the grid articles. It takes a lot of dedication.