Sunday, September 3, 2017

Getting Off The Grid - Home Canning Whats On Sale

September 3, 2017

Since planting the greens we have had a nice rain, several days of clouds and now two days of sunshine. I will look closely later today to see if any are sprouting, tomorrow marks seven days since they were sown. 

From The Garden :

In the mean time I have only gotten 2 quarts per week of okra so I wash, nip the ends and slice into circles and freeze as I get it. I will need to see how many I have put back for the Winter. Its slow because I only have a few small plants but I seem to be managing.

I have cucumbers to eat each week but I have not made anything with those since making the dill pickles. 

To read more about dill pickles click here :  How to make easy Dill Pickles  

Home Canning :

At the moment I have not asked anyone for the fruits I see laying on the ground at this one place, why? I just have not made time, its as simple as that.

But while out shopping I jumped on a couple of excellent deals. I feel that if I do not grow it but I enjoy eating it and I know not a single person that grows it, then I buy it when its dirt cheap. 

This week it was eggs! .39 per dozen and Grapes .79 per pound.

I bought 6 dozen of eggs for $2.34 ( that is 3 1/4 cents each egg!) and I bought 8 pounds of grapes for $6.32.

I have made one case (12 pints) of pickled eggs. You would not believe how many people love these eggs as a gift! 

Learn How to make pickles eggs click here : How to Pickle eggs  

I also home canned 6 half pints (so far) of grapes in light syrup. Yes I understand that you are thinking what?!?!? but if you have ever ate fruit cocktail you have ate those canned whole grapes. It takes about two pounds of grapes to make 6 half pints but at that price its worth it. Plus I already have home canned peaches and pears to make my own cocktail when I want to mix it up.

Blast From The Past :

Another from my journal September 3, 2015

Meat Grinder and Rosco kicks

This morning I worked for the most part doing paper work, gathering up all the recyclables to cash in at the plant  and getting me a coupon shopping trip together, then after lunch it was off to work .

  I was doing more landlady duties and paying a couple more bills . I had picked up my sister and she had to get some grocery money out of the bank as well when I was making a deposit .

   A few days ago, maybe last weekend, We stopped at Dick`s sporting goods for a gift for someone else and I seen a meat grinder that I have been wanting forever . Tony still eats Beef hamburgers and that meat is extremely expensive so I told him I wanted to invest in a grinder for home use and not just for beef but for his deer also . I stopped and bought it today ! 


I got home late, around 6:30 pm but the dogs was still wanting to walk no matter what so I let slobber box ( Rosco ) and Harley walk me till dark . 

   While I was walking Tony picked food from the garden and put a little fertilizer on the new plants and a little lime dust .

  When it was time to put the dogs back into the fence Harley did not want to come in, I gave him a little pull with the leash and told him " come on Harley " He would not move . Rosco was bouncing around waiting inside for Harley . Then Rosco did something I did ever expect to see in my life . He goes out of the fence where I am standing and talking for Harley to come on in, walks over to Harley takes his front paw and kicks Harley in the butt ! And Harley came on in the fence  . :D I reckon Rosco was hungry and tired . 

  Watching animals interact with each other an be so funny to watch .


Since I have to work tomorrow I will be canning me more pickled okra tonight . 
  But its all good .

By Andria Perry

Back To Now 

Since the calendar has turned over to a new month the weather is obeying with warm to hot days and down right cold nights. I am hoping for the cheaper power bill to come in next month.

A plus is to the cooler weather, I will try my best to get the surroundings cleaned up more, I need many bushes cut back.

How is life on your homestead?

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry


  1. I love pickled eggs. Believe it or not many people don't know how to make them, at least around here.

  2. Busy, busy and looks delicious! I wish I could remember my grandmother's recipe for grape juice. She put grapes and sugar in water but didn't pressure cook it. I think she just sealed and put on the shelf.

  3. Oh, yes, send me a can of those pickled eggs, love 'em! I will pass on the okra, thank you.

    1. They are so easy to make! Fresh is so much better than store bought.

  4. You have been a busy bee...I love pickled eggs :)Grapes I prefer just as they are and Okra not a fan but ok in a curry and I love how you seize any opportunity to can anything when you see a good offer and as you say no matter if you haven't grown it...It's another item in the store cupboard :)

    1. That is how I feel about putting food up for the Winter or hard days. Its there waiting on me.

  5. You are a busy lady Angie. I love pickled eggs but have not made it myself yet. Enjoy your month of August.

    1. I did as far as home canning. I am glad to see September because that means cold weather crops.

  6. I really enjoy these peices! Now I can't wait for the next one!

  7. I do not like pickled eggs but you are correct that many love to receive them as gifts. Hope I still can get a good beet harvest this season.

    1. Its about time to plant beets here.

      I pray that you have a huge crop of beets this year!

  8. My mother always canned, all summer long. The kitchen would feel like a blast furnace--but dry heat, from the wood stove, and NO mildew problems. I don't can. I have mildew problems. I should can. So I feel sort of guilty...but anyway I salute you for canning, especially with all the other stuff going on!