Monday, August 21, 2017

Getting Off The Grid - On A Need To Know Basis

Muscadine vines with green berries

August 21, 2017

Although I have always wanted to live free sometimes it takes more than just doing it, after all you can take the girl out of the city but not the city out if the girl, you have to learn how to do things, how things are made and such. With learning you takes steps forward and steps backwards. Learning  and getting that experience is more than learning how to plant for food or how to hunt or raise animals for food, its living through the unexpected weather and predators.

I chose to read and learn, so I buy books. Some ask me why do I buy the book and not just look it up online and I always have to answer " I may forget and If I do I wont have to walk all the way back home, or inside, and sit down and look it up, because if I have the book I can read what I forgot there on the spot."

This past week I received two more books in the mail I bought from Amazon. 


One is something I want to do in the coming Spring and that is tapping trees for making syrup, maple will be the first. 

The second is a DIY book for building, although I know "how" to build this and that its always good to have someone else`s perspective on how to do it, plus this book actually tells me how many pieces  and what size of lumber I will need for a project. 

This weekend I took off working around the homestead, however I did home can seven pints or seven meals, I made vegetarian chili. Sometimes its a good idea to take a break and do something else. Yes it was to help add to the stockpile, fishing, but for a little fun too, I did not catch any fish so I went for a swim.

Two years ago I began to get serious, so I began to write about how life is hard and when its easy. This is the first entry of my journal of getting off the grid :

Getting Off The Grid - Live, Love And Laugh 

August 10, 2015

I am beginning a new journey in life and I want to share my steps with you. Whether its good news or a complete failure.

First I want to say that living off the grid does not mean that I want to disappear in the woods and leave all contact with humans behind.

When I say I want to live off the grid I mean I want to be as self sufficient as I possibly can be, spend less money for things I feel I need in life.

I want to use what God has given us, free power with the sun and free water with a well, Seeds to grow food .

Over the years I have been slowly working my way to becoming more self sufficient by doing hard labor myself that includes digging ditches and push mowing the fields, digging fence posts and putting up my own fences and much more.

Growing a garden year round so that fresh foods are always available.

Drying or canning foods that are in season for later in the year when food may be low. 

I have also been learning more and more about natural medications aka herbs, barks and wild plants but I have so much more to learn in this department.

I am thinking about buying chickens for the fresh eggs and free fertilizer. 

Today is the day I put the fence up to contain the dogs, With the dogs enclosed I may be able to get a goat and chickens.

I have still yet to find a business for solar panels in my area or a well digger. I know I must invest money to not have to spend money. 

I have a long journey ahead of me and your are welcome to come with me.

By Andria Perry

As I look back I can see how far I have came, in some areas how far I have fallen behind.  I can see when I wanted to give up and when I was so happy and full of life. 

I realize that no matter where I live or move to I can take with me what I have learned living here and apply it there, even take anything solar with me.

I have learned to never give up on a dream, if you don`t know how to get to where you want to be, buy a book and learn. Only you can make those dreams come true. 

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By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry


  1. I would like to do tree tapping/syrup making. I also need to build up a library. I do not have reliable internet connection (or cell service) at my land. So many times I want to run to "Google" but can't.

    1. I agree sometimes its hard to get a signal out here too.

      Yes I was amazed that you can tap more than one type of tree.

  2. As a good friend once told me, it is not how far you fall but how high you bounce!!!

  3. Maple syrup sounds fun! Now if I only had an appropriate tree(s) !

    1. You have no maples? Walnut or Pecans? Birch?

  4. Angie, you are a wonder, but I'm glad it's your dream to get off the grid, I could not see myself doing that much. I do try to make things myself and spend less on stuff that I really don't need, but that's as far as I go. I like my creature comforts.